//Interview With Tatiana Bonneau, CEO of AMAFeed

Interview With Tatiana Bonneau, CEO of AMAFeed

1. When was the first moment in your life that you knew you wanted to start your own business?

I have always been painfully independent, started working in my teens as a waitress then in sales and though it was great learning new things I found it stressful not being able to do things my way. It has not always turned good (obviously!:) but I do prefer to make my own mistakes and learn from them than to have to follow someone elseʼs. There was not a definitive moment, I was working with my ex-husband and at some point, I realised I am actually running the business. That was over a decade ago so I have been running my own projects ever since.

2. Did you have leadership skills as a child or were you an observer?

A bit of both, I am very easy to adapt. I had a very wide circle of friends as a kid and often joke that I wouldnʼt be able to put them all in one room – they are all so completely different. It is pretty much same now, just I donʼt have much time for friends but the ones I do have are still nothing to do with each other. Depending on the situation and circle of people I can be and have always been either.

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What helps you given your Myerʼs Briggs Inventory?

I have only done the test once and turned out I am INFJ which apparently is rare but to be completely honest I donʼt give those things a lot of importance and am pretty sure if I do the test in some time that may change. I do consider myself an introvert but I do love people and socialising. I canʼt be fake though so that may come across as anti-social at times, Iʼd call it diplomacy:) I donʼt like cornering myself into situations, I know that I might feel like seeing or talking to people now and not tomorrow for example so try not to plan things too far in advance, clearly that doesnʼt always work out but it helps.

4. What led you to found your business?

AMAfeed, in particular, is the epitome of what we all stand for as a team – freedom of expression, exchange of knowledge, sharing and support based on mutual interests, questioning everything, constantly looking for answers. We have not invented the AMA format, we just found it very fitting for all of the above so decided to build around it.

5. What is AMAfeed?

AMAfeed is a network and a search engine for knowledge exchange in an Ask Me Anything format. People can post their own AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) or ask questions from the Hosts we have on the site. It is a win-win – you can learn, share, connect with new audiences and re-engage your own.

6. How can we sign up?

You can sign in with your social networks or register with an email, it takes seconds. Once you are in, you can browse around through the tons of invaluable first-hand advice on over 60 topics we have or you can post your AMA (or both!). We have a tokens system for extra promotion and welcome freebies for new members.

7. What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs?

Just go for it. Donʼt take things personally, donʼt be afraid of mistakes – learn from them and move on, donʼt waste your time and nerves on people whoʼs name you are not gonna remember tomorrow – their insecurities and problems are theirs to solve, not yours. Support other women and anyone who is kind, good also needs help to propagate. Look after yourself, mentally and physically – you only have one you.

8. Can we find you online?

Yes, of course, you can follow our company Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and my personal Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook (and Instagram, I donʼt use it often!)

Tatiana started her career in IT in the early 00s covering quickly anything from design and coding to project management and sales and shortly after creating and managing her own development company in the UK, working with clients across borders and industries, managing international teams and projects. Lived in the Ukraine, Bulgaria, UK, Spain and presently residing in France, somehow managed to have 4 kids and a row of weird pets in the process, speaks four languages, practical realist dreaming of an island populated with Dobermans. Referred to internally as « AMA Queen », yet to host her own AMA.

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