Book Coaching

With Sarah Fader & Aaron J Smith

Sarah Fader
Sarah FaderBook Coach

As a published author of 11 books, I know the publishing industry from the inside out. I’ve worked for a major traditional publishing house in conjunction with pursuing my undergraduate degree in literature from New York University. I’ve read the unsolicited manuscript pile (otherwise known as the “slush pile”), and know what works and doesn’t work when writing a book. During our individualized writer’s workshop, we’re going to take your idea and transform it into a concrete concept. We start with building bones of your book. I’m your structure woman. Together, we develop a solid outline and get you ready to work on the content of the manuscript with Aaron.

Aaron J Smith
Aaron J SmithBook Coach

Content is king. With my help, you’ll fill out the bones that you and Sarah built. The idea is to bring out themes, concepts, and ideas in such a way that they serve the story you are telling. We focus on around 6,000 words in each of our eight hour-long sessions. You bring your words, and I bring my decade of experience writing, my love for the written word, and my editorial skills to help you craft the very best manuscript you can.

A 12-week course designed to get you a manuscript ready to pitch or publish.

But that’s just the beginning! After you have a draft of your manuscript, we’ll guide you through your preferred road to publishing your book. Whether you choose self-publishing, independent publishing our indie house, Eliezer Tristan Publishing, or securing a literary agent to pitch to major publishing houses, We want you to achieve your goal as a published author.


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