100 – A Poetry Collection – Norb Aikin

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After a tumultuous couple of years, I realized I needed to make some changes. I hadn’t written much of anything that felt fresh, new, or exciting…and with the help and encouragement of a few online friends, I slowly jumped back in with a “Give It 100”-type of project. While raw and unbalanced at times, the progression (and emotion) is real. What emerged became a furious mixture of politics, relationships, and the internal struggles that life provides us whether we’re equipped to handle them or not. And what began as an exercise in “just starting back up again” turned into a rebirth and reclamation of maybe the one skill/hobby/function I’m truly most capable of loving. This book is the start of a process, and it is just that…a time of re-learning myself, what it means to be a writer, and understanding that the idea isn’t to be great but to be always getting better. I think I’ve accomplished that here, and I have no doubt that the coming years will prove that this stepping stone of sorts will turn into a springboard awaiting my launch into deeper, better, and stronger work overall. There is humor, sadness, struggle, and growth in this collection. You can’t paint it with one brush. This is one human being’s experience; the world as seen through my eyes…ups and downs; rights and wrongs. For the many spectrums, we can slice life into, this collection begins to fill in the blurred lines entrenched in our realities. And while it didn’t make me whole, it helped me begin to put my life back together. And getting to this point in a description has made my mom proud…that’s all I could ask for (well, that, and you as a reader liking it and getting the point and the picture). So…thanks. I love you and you matter.



What advice would you give to writers who want to publish a book but are scared to get their work out there?”

“It’s so cliché and so easy to overlook, but just fucking do it. Take that leap. You only live once. You’re eventually gonna die anyway. Telling people- everyone you know, and then some- you’re a published author, far outweighs the few people who may come out and deride your efforts or talk smack about you for it.”

-Norb Aikin, Author


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