//Who We Are – Eliezer Tristan Publishing

Who We Are – Eliezer Tristan Publishing

Eliezer Tristan Publishing is an indie publishing house that values writers’ words.  The origin of the name is based on the renowned author and survivor, Eli Wiesel along with Sarah Fader’s unexpected loss of a third baby. She planned on naming her baby Eliezer, but instead she gave birth to Eliezer Tristan Publishing, a space where writers can share their stories of resilience, truth, and humor. Sarah F. identifies as Jewish and even in the face of tragic events, Jews are notorious for employing humor as a coping mechanism.

Editor in Chief, Sarah Comerford chose Tristan after a name her mother loved. Sarah C’s mother passed away and this is a way to honor her life. Sarah C.’s goal is to give a voice to the silenced. She is passionate about revealing stories of people who haven’t had a chance to tell them. She is an exceptionally talented writer, editor, and a remarkable listener, which makes her an excellent conduit to communicate which stories are asking to come out of the dark and into the light.

We hope that you consider sharing your story with us. Read our query instructions for more information.