What are the elements every brand book should have?

Most often, companies struggle to represent their views through their brand books. In addition, you cannot blame them because it is not easy to convert the ideologies and opinions of a company in the form of a brand book that people enjoy reading and also draw the image of your company correctly. Therefore, here are some tips about the elements every brand book should have.

5 elements every brand book should include

Typography: It is necessary to make your brand book in a way that it can appeal to all type of audience. Having different kinds of typography or typefaces can help in creating a varied theme in the brand book.


Color scheme: Color is something that appeals to the masses and makes a connection of the brand with the audience. Therefore, if a brand makes use of a proper color scheme, then it can help in creating a subconscious relation of that color with the brand in the minds of the audience.

Logo: Logo is something that is one of the most essential parts of any brand or brand book. It is what defines a brand in the eyes of the public and is used in marketing.

Iconography: Icons in a book and very important visually. They help in the reader’s idea about the company and support the brand in portraying the message that they want to.

Illustration style: Illustration helps to portray the other elements of a brand style guide in a less complicated way. Any brand should have a consistent illustration pattern that allows it step apart from other brand books.

So, if a brand book include these 5 elements in their brand book, then it is bound to do well and be different from other brands.