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Eliezer Publishing Press Release

Writer and Mental Health Advocate Sarah Fader Launches Indie Publishing House
9 June 2018

Author, journalist, mental health warrior, and podcast host Sarah Fader has launched an independent publishing company, Eliezer Tristan Publishing, with co-founder Sarah Comerford. Eliezer Tristan Publishing ( will publish nonfiction and fiction works largely focusing on survival, in its many iterations.

Fader is CEO of Stigma Fighters, a non-profit organization whose aim is to dissolve the lingering stigma associated with mental illness and encourage people living with it to share their stories. Her own books include The 10-Step Depression Relief Workbook, This Is What Anxiety Feels Like, The Nothing Train to Nowhere, Stupid Shit Doctors Say, and Old School New School Mom. Her essays have appeared in,,, and, among others. Fader also created the now-famous hashtag #thisiswhatanxietyfeelslike, which has been featured in The New York Times and Washington Post. Her podcast shares the same title.

Comerford is an American Sign Language interpreter, mental health advocate, and Vice President of Stigma Fighters. She has been writing professionally for over a decade, with work featured in Psychology Today and multiple anthologies. She will serve as Editor-in-Chief at Eliezer Tristan.

The co-founders envision the works published by the company as investigating and celebrating fundamental aspects of human survival such as resilience, truth, and humor. Fader has been a book coach for three years, and believes strongly in self-publishing as a fair and effective alternative to the classic book publishing model. In a notable departure from this model, Fader plans to direct the bulk of the revenue from each book back to the authors.

Authors will be required to supply their own artwork, but after manuscript submission, Eliezer Tristan staff will handle editing and publishing in both print and electronic. Authors will be encouraged to seek speaking engagements to help publicize their books and raise awareness of the issues on which their writing focuses.

The name of the publishing house is a joint effort from the founders: Fader lost a child who was to be named Eliezer, which is also a nod to the renowned author and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel. Comerford chose Tristan, one of her mother’s favorite names.

Eliezer Tristan Publishing initially opened their call for queries in the summer of 2017.  Since that time, the company has grown extensively. Fader and Comerford welcome any writer who is passionate about mental health and survival.