In The Gray Area of Being Suicidal


In The Gray Area of Being Suicidal

Have you ever wanted to die?

Feeling suicidal isn’t always about Ending your life, it’s about fighting to stay alive. The author of this book lives with Borderline Personality Disorder. Ten percent of people diagnosed with BPD end
their lives.

In The Gray Area of being Suicidal illustrates what it’s like for Tea Jay to live with a severe mental illness, and survive.

Tea Jay opens a window into her tumultuous world, shows us how mental illness and motherhood work together and sometimes tear her apart.

Tea Jay is the viral author of The Mighty’s In The Gray Area of Being Suicidal. She is a mother of a special needs child, lives with DID and Borderline Personality Disorder. In The Gray Area is a collection of pieces of her life. She discusses abuse, love, motherhood, misdiagnosis, toxic friendships, and healing.