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The Nobody is a hardcover children’s book about feeling different. The Nobody lives in a cave with his dog Nobody. They’re waiting for someone to see them and understand who they are. One day, everything changes, and they wonder if they’re nobodies after all. If you’ve ever felt different or misunderstood, this book is for you! If you have a child who feels left out, bullied, or invisible, The Nobody is a great book to read to them.

It’s hard to feel different. That’s the story behind The Nobody, a new children’s book that will be released from Eliezer Tristan Publishing by me, Sarah Fader. As a child and teenager, I always felt different. I was in my own world but I tried to fit in with everyone else. Now, my son faces the same struggles. He and I sat on the couch, and I said “let’s tell a story together.” I said “once upon a time there was a…” “nobody.” he said. “And the nobody had a dog who was named…” “nobody.” The story went on to tell a tale of a lonely figure who eventually met a somebody who saw him and his dog. And now that story is going to be a book!

Pre-order a signed copy by Sarah Fader, CEO, and her son, Ari, today!

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