The Eliezer Tristan Team

Who is behind

Eliezer Tristan is the founder of Eliezer Publishing. Eliezer started Eliezer Publishing in May 2011, bringing together his experience of the PR industry and his passion for publishing what people really want to read about. Eliezer has a deep knowledge of the PR market – having worked previously at PRWeek and on the consultancy side. He understands PR both from writing about it and actually doing it.

He is less interested in PR news, such as people movements and account wins. He is interested in deeper PR issues such as analytics, PR’s great talent shortage and the skills evolution of modern PR professionals.

Eliezer is a passionate supporter of the sector. He believes that the importance of public relations to the world’s organisations has never been so great, and that this importance will only increase. We are living in a golden age of PR: publishers have an almost insatiable appetite for content, PR people can help brands tell their stories and organisations have never been so concerned about trust.

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Monica Madison is the editor of Eliezer Publishing. Monica has over 20 years’ experience as a journalist. She is responsible for the majority of the content on the site. Monica has a passion for words, with experience as an agency copywriter and working in-house, but has spent the majority of her career as a B2B journalist. She’s been at Eliezer Publishing from the start and we reckon we’re lucky to have her. She tells us she loves writing about public relations – and that’s good enough for us!

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